Our mission is to catalyze breakthrough medical research, diagnostics and treatments for human disease by providing our investigators with rapid access to high quality, richly-annotated and fit-for-purpose clinical specimens.
Our customers comprise investigators at pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life science and diagnostic companies, as well as private and public academic institutions. Researchers at these institutions require human clinical specimens (bio-specimens) to understand the cause of human diseases and medical conditions and to develop novel diagnostics and treatments for those diseases and conditions. Our products and services provide researchers with a reliable foundation on which to conduct their important research.
Our Partner Network is comprised of near-shore commercial laboratories, private and public hospitals, specialty clinics and academic institutions. Our partners provide Incite-Bio with prospective or remnant samples along with matched de-identified patient data to support and facilitate important medical research.
Value Proposition:
Our customers benefit from specimens that are collected for their specific needs with a simplified rapid procurement process and at significantly reduced costs. Our partners benefit from repurposing a waste resource into one that generates a recurring revenue stream, while contributing to the advancement of medical research. Donor patients benefit by contributing to the advancement of medical research and knowing that their gifts may help in the development of future treatments for the benefit of society.
Our highly seasoned medical, scientific and executive team bring to the company a wealth of knowledge and experience. This experience and knowledge coupled to our near shore partner network allow Incite-Bio to offer a unique value proposition.
Core Values:
  • We act with the highest levels of integrity
  • We protect patient rights and privacy above all else
  • We seek to bringing value to our clients, partners and other stakeholders.
  • We strive for scientific, professional and personal excellence.
  • We embrace a collaborative-can do attitude.